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officers. again, there was a crash here at the intersection. the taxicab was hit. the taxicab driver not seriously hurt. the two men got out and ran off. one man taken into custody. police still searching for a second man. they don't have a solid description on who they are looking for. shots fired at police officers during a brief pursuit here. no officers hit. no one seriously hurt. that is the latest here in san francisco we are live this morning alex savidge. an investigation is also under way into a deadly late night shooting in east oakland. police were called to 106 and voltaire avenues just after 9:00 p.m.. they found the body of a man on the sidewalk. the shooting occurred in a residential neighborhood just off mccarthur boulevard. so far there is no word on the victims identity or a possible motive in the shooting. also last night ktvu news investigation prompted a confrontation at the port of oakland board hearing.
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>> we are outraged. >> we are outraged. >> the media has exposed what we have known all along. >> union workers shut down the meeting they accused the port of trying to cut their wages and health care while the director james quan spent millions of money. channel 2 report revealed quan's decisions. >> i think it shows disrespect. >> sources tell us that the board voted unanimously -- anonymously behind closed doors to put omaron paid administrative leave while they address the issues.
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issues happening now dozens of people camping out at san jose state. they hope to send a strong message to voters. ann ruben is in san jose. ann. >> reporter: this group has been camped out overnight as the seventh annual poverty under the stars event. the focus this year raising the minimum wage. but not everybody supports it. lowe wolf owner of the oakland a's came out against the measure yesterday and several local businesses say this cost increase could make it hard for them to stay afloat. still the students here think d will help struggling families. >> this 40,000 minimum wage
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workers that are living paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: the students have been camped here all night and plan to stay until about 7:00 a.m.. they say they are optimistic the measure will pennsylvania on election day. live at san jose state ann lou bin. 22-year-old manual orty baa will get a 32 year prison sentence for a plea deal. time is 4:34. a herb leads teacher -- a hercules teacher that was killed inside her home will be laid to rest today. a husband and wife from southern california are suspects in her killing and a
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crime spree across the state. they were arrested in the seattle area last week. firefighters in lake county are battling a 300-acre wild fire near clearlake. cal fire says spreading of the fire has been stopped. there are still mandatory evacuations in effect for the mercy springs area. that fire is about 20% contained. so far there have been no reports of any injuries. president obama and mitt romney traded one liners at a charity event in new york city last night. >> i have already seen earlier reports from tonight's dinner. headline. obama embraced by catholics. romney dies with rich people. >> the song you may have noticed i have a lot more energy in our second debate. i feel really well rested after the nice long nap i had in the first debate. >> coming up at 4:45 the
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political jabs the candidates worked into their jokes. it is game five of the national league championship series tonight. a must win game for the giants if they want a chance to be back in the world series. >> up the middle that is a base hit. >> the st. louis cardinals got on the board first in game four last night with tim lincecum on the mound for the giants. giants did get some offense from hunter pence and pablo sandoval both hit home runs but was not enough. the cardinals won the game 8-3. >> it's not that much different than what we experienced in the last round. we were down. we had to win three in a row and we were able to do it. hard to do. hard to win in st. louis and hard to beat the cardinals. this team i wouldn't put anything past this team. >> berry zito will take the mound tonight facing the cardinals. our coverage of game five begins tonight. that is followed by the pregame
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show at 4:30 and first pitch 5:07. either the cardinals or giants will face the detroit tigers in the world series. last night the tigers swept the world series in the american league championship series. world series starts next wednesday at the home of the national league champion. you can see the entire series right here on ktvu channel 2. we have a reminder for drivers the san mateo bridge will be shut down tonight. it will remain closed throughout the whole weekend. it's the first of two weekend closures for a seismic upgrade project and it will allow workers to install a new expansion joint. the closure begins at 10:00 tonight. it will last until 5:00 a.m. monday morning. here's a lock at alternate routes. you can either take the bay bridge or dumbarton bridge if you plan to travel between the peninsula and the east bay. 4:37 is the time. let's check in with sal for traffic. hi sal. >> good morning, pam.
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you know traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. we've had a couple of minor glitches but they have been cleared up. let's go outside and take a look at what we have now. westbound 80 traffic looking good. no major problems here getting up to the toll plaza. also if you are driving on the bridge, should be a nice drive for you. you know in summer we had friday light on the bridge but we haven't had that in fall and we're not expecting it today. but we can always hope. this mornings commute will be doing well on northbound 280 in san jose. 4:37 let's go back to steve. sal, thank you. big change from yesterday. the fog is back and it's making a strong push inland. we have a westerly breeze still on the mild side. everyone in the 60s here. 60-64-65. we have a westerly breeze in place. it looks like it will ramp up. system is moving into the north. that is allowing the fog to come back. it's called a southerly surge. that will not be the case
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today. fog, low clouds, cooler. more of a westerly breeze. we lose that north, northeast. temperatures are on the way down. 60s or 70s and a couple low 80s but the theme is to continue that cooling into saturday. much cooler on sundays. clouds roll in monday. more likely on tuesday into wednesday, pam. thank you, steve. there is trouble with another america's cup vote. the problem it encountered during testing and the event that is now pushed back. the new tools to help people find their stolen bicycles online. good morning, southbound 680 traffic looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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good morning we have low clouds streaming inland. it will be cooler today. 60s and mainly 70s. >> thank you, steve. dialing day in the south bay starts tomorrow. people that live in santa clara
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county will have to dial a one and then the new area code. san francisco's planning commission has given the final approval for the soring transbay tower. yesterday's decision clearsth way for construction of what will be san francisco's tallest building. it also opens the door for desperately needed funding for the 61 story building. the tower will stand 1,000 feet on first and admissions street. time now 4:42. for the second time this week there is damage for the boat competing for the america's cup. ward plus racing. the crew took the catamaran on the water for testing. they heard noises and brought the boat back for inspection.
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controversy for the boy scouts after decades of alleged child busboys is uncovered including some cases here in the bay area. nearly two dozen former bay area volunteers were named in internal perversion files released by a judge yesterday. the documents covered 20 years from 1965 to 1985. it includes volunteers from san jose, san francisco, oakland, concord, and other bay area cities. piedmont was not on the list by the way. volunteers say it's because of an increase in security measures. >> those mistakes were made in another time which doesn't excuse them, but the organization has moved on with the times. and i think has kept fairly current with what is appropriate now. >> volunteers have to go through background checks. the boy scouts of america released a statement saying they are sorry for any failed protection or harm to children.
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the los angeles police department has announced it is opening the investigation into a dozen unsolved murders that could have ties to the manson family. the murders are very similar to the killings in the late 1960s. it comes as police are in a legal battle to obtain audio tapes between manson follower charles watson and his attorney. the colorado movie theater where a gunman killed 12 people and injured dozens of others is being renovated. the makeover in response to a survey sent a 6,000 people asking what should be done with the building. 70% say it should be remodeled and reopened. the theater should be back in business by early next year. the san diego man arrested on child pornography charges may be connected to a terrorist plot to blow up the federal reserve bank in new york city.
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howard willie carter ii appeared in san diego federal court yesterday. he was arrested after the fbi found 1,000 images of child pornography on a computer that was traced back to him. now court records indicate carter has connections to a 21- year-old man who was arrested in new york on wednesday in an fbi sting operation. in election 2012 news this morning, president obama and mitt romney return to the campaign trail today after appearing together at a charity event in new york last night. the two candidates set aside their differences to make fun of themselves and each other. >> as president obama surveys the waldorf banquet room you have to wonder what everybody is saying. so little time so much to redistribute. >> after my foreign trip in 2008 i was attacked as a
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celebrity because i was so popular with our allies overseas. i have to say i'm imprested with how governor romney has avoided that problem. >> both candidates campaign today in battleground state. president obama in virginia, mitt romney in florida. the two men will spend the weekend preparing for their third and final debate which is on monday. the first presidential debate made one halloween costume surprisingly popular. costume shops say they are all out of big bird costumes for adults. there is no time to make anymore for this month. demand for kids costumes of the sesame street character has not changed. san jose police arrested one of their own officers on a single charge of felony grand theft. police say jeffreyness learn is accused of fraud.
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45-year-old enslen was booked into the santa clara county jail and now on paid administrative leave. the time is 4:47. next friday is the deadline for the city of oakland to investigate problems with its e- mail system. this case stems from the possible federal takeover of the oakland police department. chief howard jordan says he never received e-mails sent in the past week from federal monitor. the messages involved concerns over jordan's recommendation to discipline several dozen officers for their handling of occupy protests. there is a new online tool to help victims of bicycle theft to see if their bike has been listed for sale. it's a search engine on the rack love website. users can plug if a description of their bikes and where they were stolen and the search engine will return results for bikes with matching details that are for sale online. the creators hope it will reduce bike theft because it could make stealing bikes more
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difficult. it's friday morning. hopefully traffic is light. >> it is light right now for sure. let's take a look at what we have on the bay area roads. it does look good. the traffic on 24 westbound that looks pretty good getting up to the toll plaza there. between walnut creek and oakland i should say. and now since i have the toll plaza on my mind we will bring it up. the traffic here looks pretty good. no major problems getting into san francisco. and if you are driving between hayward and fremont on interstate 880 that traffic here looks good accrues the san mateo bridge as well as on the dumbarton bridge. big change from yesterday. the people by the coast i mean san bruno, half-moon bay, pacifica, ocean beach just as good as it gets. today everything has changed. that fog has come roaring back and will play into a much cooler weekend. kind of mild right now. 60s. we do have a westerly breeze in
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place. southeast or a southerly breeze. southwest napa airport. and the fog came moving up the coast didn't take long. it's in place now. it will get enhanced as a very strong system. leading to rain next week by the time we meet again. fog, sun, cooler west wind. foggy on the coast. 60s and 70s and now 80s. say goodbye to the 90s. low clouds make it all the way out to concord by 4:00 in the morning that tells you it's a pretty good cooling trend on the way. 70s and 60s and 70s coast. we do have a cooler pattern saturday. that will main will be low clouds. and then increasing clouds sunday. it looks like rain monday into tuesday and maybe most of week off and on. >> wow. >> yeah. coming up next it's a story
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you will only see on 2. the problem along bay area roadways that is creating dangerous conditions for drivers. plus the potential treasure hunt after that meteor sighting in the bay area this week. @p@po'
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alameda county is one step closer to having a new tool to fight crime. the sheriff is looking to buy
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an unmanned surveillance drone for search and rescue missions. bomb threats and other crimes. but the plan is drawing criticism. some worry about privacy and safety. so far alameda county is only tested the drones. the county has applied for a federal grant and if they get that money, the first aerial device could come sometime next year. the battle over turf at a san francisco soccer field is heading to court. there has been an ongoing battle for installing turf and lights at beach l.a. soccer field. the lawsuit claims the city overlooked the health risk of chemicals used in the turf. construction was supposed to get under way in january but that is on hold. there is a lighting problem on many bay area freeways and it's a story you will only see here on 2. if you drive after dark you may have noticed dark freeway signs. especially in the south bay. thieves are stealing the copper wiring used to light the signs
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and selling it to recycling centers for cash. some say the signs are harder to read so they have to slow down or squint. >> that is a safety issue, i think. it could be dangerous and you can't tell where you are going so it makes it hard for drivers. >> the chp hasn't noticed an increase in accidents but cal tran says the thieves are stealing from all california taxpayers. some of the lighting systems on signs could cost as much as $100,000 to replace. time now 4:53. the hunt is on for the meteor that crashed in the bay area wednesday night. astronomers believe it landed just outside of martinez. news chopper 2 flew over the area but we didn't notice anything unusual. whoever finds part of the meteor could strike it rich. a lot of hiking maybe out this weekend in that area. >> maybe.
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yeah. exactly. if good morning, pam -- good morning, pam and everybody. it looks pretty good on 880. there is no major problems as you drive through. and the traffic looks good if you are driving nearby on 580. and if you are looking at the freeways here san mateo bridge that traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise. nearby in hayward and union city and free hospital the traffic there is also looking good. driving south there are no problems by the way rob the 680 interchange or 580 as you drive from the livermore valley over to castro valley. it looks pretty good. it is 4:55 let's go to steve. thank you. big cool down. yesterday we had record highs. sfo, oakland, downtown. upper 80s. today it will be in the upper 60s or very low 70s. final day for the warmth was yesterday. now we start a cooling trend. it was sunny and very warm coast bay and inland. today we start the cooling trend by the weekend much, much cooler and we'll be talking
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about rain early next week. 60s on the temps on the mild side. a lot of that low cloud deck. still there is a westerly breeze in place. easterly breeze. everything is reversed now. first system came by allowing the sea breeze to open that door. fog, sun, cooler. a westerly wind. some fog, coast, bay inland as well. forecasted highs 60s or 70s or very low 80s. even with those 80s it will be soft 80s. continuing the cooling. much cooler on sunday. clouds roll in monday. rain probably in the north bay and for everybody by tuesday. >> thank you, steve. the federal trade commission is offering $50,000 for anyone who is creative about eliminating row bow calls. the money will go to whoever coming up with the best technical solution for stopping the marketing calls. coming up next in our 5:00
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hour stanford and cal fans getting ready for the annual big game. why this years college show down will be far different than those in the past. we have developing news out of san francisco. take a look at this. we are live at the scene this morning where shots were fired at police officers. we'll be right back.
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new information about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. a big bridge closure this weekend in the bay area. we'll tell you which one it is and when it's scheduled to reopen. also it has never happened in a long history of the big game. a cal stanford football show down in october. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 news. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day and it's a friday october 19th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. let's check in with steve paulson for the weather. it was windy yesterday. >> that was a sign of our change. low clouds are already in. in fact, they are well inland.
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that is a sign along with a west wind our warmup from wednesday and thursday is now just a memory. here is sal. if you are driving any time soon in sonoma county or marin county it should be a very nice drive. you can jump ahead of the crowd. southbound 101 looks good from santa rosa to san rafael. you can see the lane workers are out so give them a break if you are driving through. 4:59 let's go back to the desk. we begin with developing news we first told you about at 4:30. police in san francisco are on the lookout for autobahnman that shot at them early this morning. alex savidge is in san francisco now to tell us what led up to this shooting. alex. >> reporter: this all began when police tried to make a traffic stop on a car early this morning just a couple blocks a away from we are. people in that car opened fire on officers. everything ended here at this intersection franklin
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